Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not Worth It.

Manoor Arshad

So, I was absolutely baffled when my boyfriend told me this story. It doesn't have to do with getting fired exactly but the consequences are the same. He was telling me about a guy he went to school with who had just gotten 4 or 5 division 1 schools to reach out to him for football. I was really shocked at how good this kid was. What's even better is that he had full rides to most of these colleges. His life was about to change forever. A week later, my boyfriend showed me this guy's Instagram post and it was a picture of maybe 6 acceptance letters to various colleges. Again, my boyfriend and I were so thrilled that this guy was doing well..... All of a sudden, a few weeks later my boyfriend tells me that the same kid got all of his scholarships revoked. Why? He was posting pictures on Instagram with pounds and pounds of marijuana, along with guns. The colleges that recruited him immediately caught light and revoked everything and were allowed to because no school tolerates drugs or violence. He is not allowed to attend Division 1 school for football anymore. My initial reaction was "wow, you're so stupid." My second reaction was "He probably didn't think he was going to get caught." A lot of people, especially my generation seems to think that they're invincible ---- that no one will ever see what they post on media other than whom they allow. False. That is a myth. It really is a shame that media can ruin so many lives if used the wrong way. :(

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