Thursday, November 5, 2015

Current Technology Trends

1. Oct 14: Augmented Reality (internet source)
Virtual reality goggles HoloLens allow people to enhance their lives

2. Oct 19: Belty (internet source)
Adjustable belt that shapes to your body

3. Oct 19: PetCube (internet source)
Device that allows you to be connected with your pet anywhere, anytime

4. Oct 21: Budgee Robot (internet source)
Robot that helps you do chores, follows you, is your friend

5. Oct 22: Echo Smartpen (internet source)
Pen that allows you to take audio notes while writing

6. Oct 22: iFusion (internet source)
Fuses an iPhone with an old speaker phone for increased feasibility for all ages

7. Oct 27: Liquid Biopsy (CNN and internet source)
Biopsies that can detect any cancer with a few drops of blood.

8. Oct 27: Car-to-car communication (Radio and internet source)
Car-to-car communication in 1-2 years will increase safety and driving conditions.

9. Nov 4: Aion (internet source)
Steel like glass

10. Nov 5: Metal 3D Printing (internet source)
Audi makes a car just by printing its parts

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