Thursday, September 10, 2015

Glen Busch Really F**d Up

Manoor Arshad

1. My initial reaction was that I was extremely disappointed for Glen Busch. He was unaware that he was even doing something wrong. It takes one post on social media to be fired from a prestigious job. You have to know what you're putting out there but more importantly you have to keep in mind that anyone can see it.

2. The employer suggests that Glen's comment is not professional. His boss did not want Glen or other employees speaking on the event, whether it was for good or for bad. Glen put his opinion out there, making him choose a side which can be harmful in business. In most businesses, the boss or employer wants the employees to stay neutral and not really comment on personal situations so I understand that this was wrong.

3. The firing was legal because at that point, Glen was working for someone else. His boss just so happened to not like the comments he had so he got rid of him. It really is as easy as that because when you work for someone, what they say goes.

4. Digital footprints are traces of ourselves that we leave behind each time we tweet or post or update something personal. For example, I can post a picture in my bikini, and remove it 3 seconds later--- In my head, the picture is gone forever, but what about the countless 'shares' or 'screenshots?' Nothing can really be erased on the internet so that's why it is extremely important to be cautious of what you're putting on media.

5. Even if you set your privacy on maximum, or block someone, there are still ways around it. I thought I had my whole family blocked on Instagram and shit really hit the fan when my parents somehow saw all of my posts on Instagram--- of the tattoos I was not supposed to be getting. So you see, nothing is really safe. You have to pick and choose what you want the WORLD to see.

6. My advice to extremely opinionated people such as Glen is that please be careful about what you choose to say. I would tell him, "I know that you're not saying anything wrong but I think that you should just avoid speaking on the topic overall just incase the company you work is offended, or does not like you participating in such debates. Although you are not saying anything wrong, the act of putting your opinion out there can really hurt you--as harmless as it may seem.

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